Rules & Regulations

Joining a professional college is studying to earn a degree for ones livelihood , our campus has many professional colleges which not only impart skill and proficiency in their curriculum , but also impart high degree of discipline among 6000 of our students studying in various institutions our campus, we at Sri Balaji Dental College would implement the same , a doctor needs a great Devotion ,Patience , Clinical Knowledge & Skill’s, student joining in our institution should come out as good dentist and good human being at the end of 5 years of their curriculum , In order to achieve this we impart certain rules and regulations of the college campus. The students are required to comply with the following college rules and regulations.
1. All students must carry their identity cards and wear neat and clean college uniform along with White Apron (with name plate) in college premises and hospital during college working hours.
2. Students must follow strictly punctuality and discipline in the College.
3. All students are required to attend their lecturers / demonstrations/ practical’s /clinics and other classes regularly. As per DCI norms and Dr NTRUHS norms, 75% attendance both in theory and practical’s /clinics is compulsory to appear in University Examination. Any student falling short of attendance will not be allowed to appear in University Examination. Medical leave granted in cases of illness will not be compensated towards absentee from the required attendance, i.e. 75% attendance.
4. All students are required to appear in all internal assessment/class tests conducted by College positively. No Student will be granted leave during any internal assessment / class test except in serious cases of illness. If there is any justified ground for leave, the student has to take prior permission from the concerned Head of Department (HOD) for the same. Of the three internals held during the academic calendar the average of best of two internals will be send to university.
5. The students will compensate for the damage inflicted upon the institute/hostel/library property, equipments/ instruments, furniture and gardens caused by their negligence or wilful acts. The damage amount will be recovered from caution deposit
6. Use of unfair practices in tests/examinations, unruly or any kind of objectionable behaviour in class rooms /practical halls/clinics shall constitute violation of the code of conduct
7. Each student shall show due respect and courtesy to the teachers, administrators, non-teaching staff of the Institute.
8. The institute shall not be responsible for any accident, of whatever nature, in the institute, hospital, clinics, hostel, laboratory and play ground or during educational tour / trips.
9. Ragging or any act that comes under the purview of ragging is strictly prohibited in the college. Any incidence of ragging reported will be dealt by the authorities of College as serious offence and is punishable in the form of Expulsion, Rustication, and Suspension.
10. Mobile / Cell phones are banned in college premises/ lecture halls/ demonstration rooms/Practical classes. The students should deposit their mobiles in lockers provided to them in their respective student’s common rooms.
11. College Fee must be paid in full within the specified date. Failing to pay fee in time, the students will not be allowed to attend the classes’ /practical/ clinics.
12. Hostilities should follow the hostel rules & obey hostel warden of their respective hostels.